The Cambridge Energy Alliance funding to install solar hot water heaters on your home or business is no longer accepting applications.


Though the CEA grant is closed there are still state and federal incentives for solar hot water systems, including a 0% interest rate MassSave HEAT loan. Solar hot water systems are great because they provide an easy and low cost way to create hot water in a clean and sustainable way. Solar hot water systems can heat water for laundry, bathing and washing dishes, and can often provide 50-75% of a household or business’s total hot water needs.

Here’s how you can get a solar hot water system:

1. Pick an installer to work with.

The Solar Energy Business Association of New England (SEBANE) and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) both offer directories of qualified solar installers.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center maintains an excel sheet that includes a list of installers that have successfully completed their grant under one of MassCEC’s Commonwealth Solar Programs (see the “Third Party Owner” column). has user reviews of installers and local case studies.


2. Work with your installer to plan your installation and understand the many financial incentives available.

Your installer can help you apply for solar incentives.

3. Install your solar hot water system and reap the benefits of meeting of your hot water needs with carbon-free solar energy.