Click on the outlined objects in the house image below for a list of actions you can take, with follow-up links. The potential costs and savings of any improvement are approximated (see scale below). Keep in mind that these are just estimates.

$ = $30 or less
$$ = $30-$150
$$$ = $150 or more


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geothermal system

**The measures outlined here are intended as a rough guide to give you an idea of the extent and approximate cost of energy efficiency improvements for your home. Before attempting any do-it-yourself renovations, please read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully and observe all safety precautions.

To determine the most effective retrofits for your home, we recommend a NO COST home energy assessment. Get tailored professional recommendations and links to available rebates and financial incentives by signing up here.

For any renovations outside of your energy assessment recommendations, please consult a licensed contractor through Mass Save or Energy Star.

For any questions about home energy improvements, please contact our Energy Advisor.