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The Multi-Family Energy Pilot

The Cambridge Multi-Family Energy Pilot, launched in April, is a new program to help apartment and condo buildings save energy and money. The program works with renters, owners, and managers to make energy efficiency and solar energy easy, and is offered through a partnership of the City of Cambridge and Eversource.
As part of one streamlined program, your building will receive:

  • A no-cost, whole-building energy assessment. Mass Save’s team will put together an Energy Action Plan, with generous incentives, and will help coordinate upgrades like insulation and lighting.
  • A free solar assessment from Cambridge’s Solar Advisor to help your building save even more money. The Advisor will provide guidance, at no cost, to help tackle questions like condo documents and net metering. They’ll help you get quotes from installers, too.
  • Access to an independent retrofit advisor, from Cambridge Energy Alliance, to help you identify financing options and answer any questions as you make decisions on building upgrades, at no cost to you.

Your building could benefit from incentives for:

  • Advanced LED lighting
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling
  • Smart thermostats
  • Insulation
  • Solar energy

  • Plus, your building could take advantage of the low-cost Mass Solar Loan, and condo units with individual heating systems can also access 0% HEAT loans.

    This pilot works with landlords and condo associations to provide whole-building solutions, so we can reach out to your building management to get started.

    Sign up here, or call MassSave at 1-800-594-7277 today!

    No-cost WegoWise Services

    To help multifamily buildings save energy and reduce costs, Cambridge Energy Alliance is working with WegoWise, a Boston-based technology firm that provides an innovative utility tracking and analytics platform. WegoWise will help building owners set up their properties in the platform, provide detailed recommendations for energy efficiency, and help connect buildings to financial incentives.
    This opportunity is currently available to a select number of buildings. The buildings that choose to participate will receive one year of these WegoWise services for free. They can also choose to continue beyond their free year if they wish.

    The WegoWise pilot seeks to identify innovative new ways to increase energy efficiency in multifamily buildings. WegoWise will help building owners determine the efficiency of their buildings, identify savings possibilities, help owners make quicker, more informed decisions about which efficiency measures to implement, and track the impact of implemented measures. Cambridge Energy Alliance is using the benchmarking reporting submitted by buildings to help identify candidate buildings with good energy savings potential.

    If you’d like to learn more, please contact us  (eadvisoratcambridgeenergyalliancedotorg)  .

    Please note that this opportunity is available for a small number of multifamily buildings at this time.

    Site updated: February 13, 2018 Page updated: August 9, 2017

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