No-cost WegoWise Services

To help multifamily buildings save energy and reduce costs, Cambridge Energy Alliance is working with WegoWise, a Boston-based technology firm that provides an innovative utility tracking and analytics platform. WegoWise will help building owners set up their properties in the platform, provide detailed recommendations for energy efficiency, and help connect buildings to financial incentives.
This opportunity is currently available to a select number of buildings. The buildings that choose to participate will receive one year of these WegoWise services for free. They can also choose to continue beyond their free year if they wish.

As one of Cambridge’s initiatives for the Georgetown University Energy Prize, the WegoWise pilot seeks to identify innovative new ways to increase energy efficiency in multifamily buildings. WegoWise will help building owners determine the efficiency of their buildings, identify savings possibilities, help owners make quicker, more informed decisions about which efficiency measures to implement, and track the impact of implemented measures. Cambridge Energy Alliance is using the benchmarking reporting submitted by buildings to help identify candidate buildings with good energy savings potential.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

Please note that this opportunity is available for a small number of multifamily buildings at this time.