The Cambridge Energy Alliance (CEA) is a service provided by the City of Cambridge to help residents, businesses, and institutions become more energy efficient or access renewable energy services, so as to save money and reduce Cambridge’s footprint.

Energy efficiency is the least expensive way to reduce dependence on carbon-based energy sources. It is estimated that for every dollar you invest in efficiency measures you can save approximately three dollars. By investing in energy efficiency, you can help make your home or business more comfortable, save money, improve the value of your building, and reduce your carbon footprint.

CEA is here to help you in the process. We connect you to:

  • FREE comprehensive energy assessments for all Cambridge residential buildings (houses, apartments, condos, etc.)
  • FREE weatherization services for low-income residents
  • Energy efficiency upgrades with no up-front cash required
  • Resources to help landlords make energy improvements to their buildings
  • A one-stop energy solution with professional, certified service providers