Other than Fuel Assistance and its related energy assistance programs, low-income households may also qualify for the following energy assistance programs:

Citizens Energy Heat Assistance Programs

Citizens Energy offers assistance to low-income homeowners who cannot afford to pay their heating bills. If you are NOT eligible for Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP), or you have used up your Fuel Assistance benefits, you may be eligible to receive 100 gallons of free heating oil, or $150 credit towards your natural gas bill. Call Citizens Energy at 617-338-6300 for general information, 877-563-4645 for oil, or 866-427-9918 for natural gas.


Eversource offers the following energy assistance programs (click on each item to learn more):

Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. (HRI)

Is your home falling into disrepair? HRI offers a Home Improvement Program that provides low-interest home improvement loans and technical assistance to homeowners in Cambridge who cannot afford to maintain their homes. Call 617-868-4858 for more information.

Low Income Multi-Family Retrofits

Low-income multi-family properties owned by public housing authorities and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for funds to improve the energy usage of their buildings. In order to qualify, the development must be owned by a Public Housing Authority, non-profit, or a non-profit controlled entity AND 50% of the development’s households must have income at or below 60% of the Median Income.

For more information, please visit the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN).

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