How can Cambridge Energy Alliance’s business/non-profit program help me?

  • Save money with cost-effective measures tailored to your business or non-profit
  • Use less energy
  • Catch up on deferred maintenance and increase the reliability of your building’s┬ásystems
  • Improve productivity and comfort of staff and customers
  • Make your mark as an organization that cares about the environment
  • Be recognized as a leader in your community

How can my organization benefit from participating in the business/non-profit program?

CEA provides one-stop convenience for comprehensive energy efficiency and clean energy technology services. Working with Prism Consulting, we identify ways to make your organization more energy efficient and save money on your energy bills, taking full advantage of all available government and utility incentives.

CEA helps you save energy by upgrading to high-efficiency lighting and exploring other cost-saving measures such as replacing appliances and heating/cooling equipment, cutting heat loss, conserving water, and installing renewable or other clean energy technologies. We help you work with landlords and other tenants in your building to find fair, practical ways to share the costs and the benefits of investing in energy efficiency improvements.

CEA is a City program that provides unique publicity throughout Cambridge and beyond, positioning participants as community leaders and business innovators.

CEA has arranged an optional, simplified loan process with pre-selected banks for small business participants wishing to finance their projects. Click here for more information on business loan options.

CEA is also working with the City of Cambridge Facade, Signage and Lighting Improvement Program. This program provides matching reimbursement grants for pre-approved facade improvements, which may include lighting upgrades and other energy efficiency measures in addition to restoration of architectural details, better windows and doors, and well-proportioned signage.

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