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“Save Money, Save the Planet”

Cambridge Energy Alliance (CEA) is a City of Cambridge program that promotes energy efficiency and solar energy. Our goal is to help residents, businesses, and institutions in Cambridge save money while also reducing Cambridge’s carbon footprint. Toward this goal, we promote the Mass Save program, a state-wide, utility-run program that offers significant incentives for a wide range of energy upgrades. We can also connect you to financial institutions that can help you pay for energy efficient improvements to your home or business. Additionally, we keep you updated on local energy-related news, and we offer energy education and tips through our website, blog, Twitter and Facebook pages, Energy Advisor contact form, and outreach at events.


In May 1999, the Cambridge City Council voted to join Cities for Climate Protection (CCP), an international consortium of communities working to reduce the impacts of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. As a member of CCP, the City created a city-specific greenhouse gas emissions inventory and subsequently set targets and strategies to reduce these emissions through a comprehensive and well-defined plan.

To help achieve these goals, the City, in partnership with the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, created the Cambridge Energy Alliance (CEA) in 2007 as a non-profit organization. In 2011, CEA was disbanded as a nonprofit and became a program of Cambridge’s Community Development Department, continuing its mission of helping Cambridge residents and businesses identify and arrange financing for energy efficiency improvements for their homes and businesses.

Our Focus on Buildings

Most of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Cambridge are from buildings—houses, apartment buildings, retail business, offices, educational institutions and  large commercial operations. Given the City’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, eliminating wasted energy in our homes and workplaces is a priority.

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