The Cambridge Energy Alliance (CEA) is aCity of Cambridge City of Cambridge program created to save you money, while reducing Cambridge’s carbon footprint. Focusing on residents, businesses, and institutions in Cambridge, the CEA provides outreach and access to energy efficiency resources through education initiatives and the creation of a network of people and businesses. NSTAR, Cambridge’s primary electricity and natural gas provider, has programs designed to help property owners retrofit their buildings. CEA’s goal is to help participants through the entire process of making their home or business more energy efficient, including free energy audits with NSTAR and a number of free or subsidized efficiency measures. CEA can also put people in touch with renewable energy services.

Why focus on buildings?

Most of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Cambridge are from the city’s buildings–houses, apartment buildings, retail business, offices, educational institutions and  large commercial operations. Given the City’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,  eliminating wasted energy in our homes and workplaces is a priority.

How CEA works with you

We put you in touch with the professionals who provide free energy audits and can carry out no-cost energy efficiency measures, and we can help you figure out which of their other recommendations make sense for you. We have up-to-date information about utility and government rebates on energy measures. We can point you to the latest information on efficient appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling equipment. We can help you ensure that your building is properly insulated so warm and cool air don’t escape. This will significantly reduce your heating bills in the winter and reduce your electricity bills in the summer. We also connect you to financial institutions that can help you pay for energy efficient improvements to your home or business.

CEA is organized to provide these services to residents, businesses and institutions of all sizes throughout Cambridge.