Cost Savings Action Incentive Programs & Other Resources
Free! $ Open the blinds and curtains during the day to set the sun in.
Free! $$ Set thermostat to no more than 68°F when you are at home and 55-60°F when you are sleeping or away. Programmable thermostat free with a MassSave home energy assessment.
$ $$ Use a space heater to warm up the space you are in, if necessary.
$ $ Caulk doors and windows to block any air drafts DIY info
$$$ $$$ Increase/replace insulation according to DOE Recommendations (DIY) MassSave will cover 75% of insulation costs up to $2000 per unit
$ $ Install heat-resistant reflectors behind radiators to reflect more heat into your apartment DIY video
$$$ $$$ Upgrade furnace to be more energy efficient Furnace info; get a Mass Save HEAT Loan to finance the upgrade