Seven homeowners from Cambridge share why and how they installed their solar hot water systems.

Working with Neighbors

These condo owners worked with their neighbors to avoid conflict when installing their solar hot water system

Saving on Business Costs

A solar thermal system lowered costs for a water-intensive home-based business

California Dreamin'

Inspired by her brother’s solar panels in California, this condo owner installed a small solar system on her historic building

Balancing Function & Aesthetics

This architect found the safest and best route to installing a solar hot water system in his home

Low Tech but Logical

Using state and local incentives, this family saved approximately $9,000 on their solar hot water system

A Bumpy Road

Though he saved a bundle, this homeowner ran into a few headaches during the installation process

A Neighborhood Attraction

The new solar hot water system has garnered as much interest from neighbors as the Big Boy in the yard!

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