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Proper preparation for your energy assessment will make the visit from the Energy Specialist more efficient and effective. Take these steps before your Energy Specialist arrives:

  1. Have your most recent electricity, heating, and water bills available.
  2. Prepare a list of areas and concerns in the building (examples: lighting, cold rooms or walls, old appliances, drafts, etc.)
  3. If you are a renter, check with the landlord. Support from your landlord and other tenants in your building is integral to the success of the project, as you will need to work with these partners to complete any retrofit:
    • Motivate all tenants in the building to participate in the assessment, and allow access to units within the building.
    • Ask the landlord to be there during the assessments, if possible, so that the Energy Specialist can deal with the decision maker on retrofit recommendations.
  4. Assure access to the attic and all basement, crawlspace and knee-wall areas. Clear stored items, If necessary, in order to gain access to these spaces
  5. Take steps to assure any indoor pets will not exit through any doors left open during course of the assessment.

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